Stepping up the game: ELDICO joins Swiss scaling programme

Our company is preparing for big things in 2021: unveiling our long-awaited innovative electron diffractometer, first of its own in the market – shipping the first unit in summer – and steep growth, accompanied by national and international expansion. ELDICO’s addition to the Swiss Entrepreneurs Foundation UpScaler programme could not come in a better timing and we are grateful for the opportunity to get extra support along the way from a team of excellent entrepreneurs and experienced investors in 2021 and beyond.

The Swiss Entrepreneurs Foundation’s UpScaler programme supports companies to keep a sizeable growth rhythm. The program is ensuring that the entrepreneurial knowledge transfer is seamless and that tailor-made expansion assistance is provided to young companies. This paves the way to guaranteed success for several Swiss start-ups on the threshold of onset, such as evenito, MyCamper, Nexxiot, Climeworks, Dagsmejan, dhp technology and Zippsafe. The programme’s purpose re-iterates the core of the Foundation’s aim: supporting start-ups and entrepreneurship to flourish.

As part of the SEF UpScaler programme, we look forward to even more accelerated growth, given the increase in entrepreneurial knowledge and the resourceful assistance.

'ELDICO’s dedicated electron diffractometer is a disruptive instrumentation concept that will revolutionize the analysis of nano-sized solid compounds. Organic chemists will be among the first users to learn about and appreciate the advantages of this fascinating technology. The upscaler programme will help us to build a scalable organization with a robust supply chain to cope with the needs of a global client community', says Eric Hovestreydt, ELDICO's CEO.


The product brought soon by ELDICO in the market has tremendous effect on various day-to-day sensitive applications, such as drug discovery, energy storage, R&D functions, etc. Recently, our project has been recognized for its crucial importance in the nano-analytical field by receiving the R&D100 award and by being granted the European Commission’s Seal of Excellence, certifying high quality proposals that disrupt the research ecosystem.


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ELDICO Scientific, The Electron Diffraction Company, is a Swiss hardware company founded 2019 and is located in Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), one of the world's leading research centers for natural and engineering sciences. ELDICO develops, produces and sells electron diffractometers for the analysis of solid compounds enabling industrial and scientific researchers to characterise hitherto unmeasurable nano-crystalline systems. So far conventional methods (X-ray) fail, because they require bigger crystal sizes, which are often difficult or even impossible to produce. With support of the Nano Argovia Programme and the Swiss Nanosience Insitute (SNI) the proof-of-concept was achieved in 2018 (ETH Zurich, C-CINA Basel) on scientifically and industrially relevant samples.