ELDICO is where the future of pharma is: Meet us in Basel at SIF 2021

Swiss Innovation Forum 2021, Switzerland's biggest Innovation event, takes place in Basel on the 18th of November. ELDICO presents its brand new electron diffractometer, the ELDICO ED-1 in the Future Expo. The perfect place to be! We are where the future of pharma is being written.


Following the kind invitation of Aargau Services, the Aargovian economic promotion agency, we will display our system there and talk about the potential of electron diffraction with the participants of the fair.

Our presence in the Aargau Services’ booth is consequential: our company started its story in the canton Aargau and that is the origin of ELDICO’s eventful journey. Aargau Services and Hightech Aargau have been successfully supporting the local corporate landscape in its innovation projects since 2013:


“With the development of their new type of electron diffractometer, ELDICO Scientific is on the way to a groundbreaking innovation. The device enables researchers to characterize previously unmeasurable nanocrystalline systems. This opens new commercial perspectives in many areas of application. The innovation fits in well in the canton of Aargau, especially in the areas of nanotechnology and resource efficiency, which are strong landmarks”, says Florian Gautschi, Project Leader of the organization.


Nils Gebhardt, our Co-founder and CFO says:

“ELDICO is an Argovian company and has experienced lots of support from many stakeholders in the region. That’s why we feel honoured to be invited to the Aargau Services booth. As Aargovian innovation ambassadors, we are looking forward to share our story on the Basel meeting.”


The application of electron diffraction in crystallography is a radical innovation. It opens up perspectives for preparative chemistry and pharmacy, electrochemistry, agrochemistry, batteries research and specialty chemistry that were unimaginable until recently.

ELDICO ED-1 is a breakthrough analytical device: an electron diffractometer used for the structural elucidation of nano-crystalline compounds. Recently, the market-ready device has proven its maturity for industrial and commercial applications when organic samples (among which paracetamol and metaxalone) where successfully measured.

The Swiss Innovation Forum will be held at the newly renovated Congress Center Basel. The event is well-established: in addition to talks by high-profile keynote speakers, attendees can also participate in a wide-ranging programme with best-case examples and workshops. We are in good company at the exposition fair: some of the partners of the innovation event include: Samsung, ABB, ETH, PSI and many other from the pharmaceutical scene such as Novartis. Basel is already one of the world's leading centres for the research-based pharmaceutical industry, which represents a major, if not the most important, demand for electron diffraction analyses on our ELDICO ED-1, with various client-tailored options from system purchase to leasing and measurement-as-a-service.

Looking forward to a great experience within the Swiss ecosystem of innovation. In case you take part in the event, don’t hesitate to pass by Aargau Services’ booth and learn about electron diffraction and the tool for it which will help to change the way nano-analytical research is being done in the future. Or contact us anytime to learn how world class instrumentation engineered in Aargau is going to give the global pharma industry (and not only) a push.

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ELDICO Scientific AG (The Electron Diffraction Company) is a Swiss technology and service company founded in 2019 and based in the Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), a world-leading research institute for natural sciences and engineering. ELDICO develops, manufactures and commercializes electron diffractometers , i.e. novel analytical instruments for electron based crystallography, enabling to investigate nano-crystalline samples. ELDICO will launch the first instrument specifically designed for nano-crystallographic investigations. Proof-of-concept was achieved in 2018 (ETH Zurich, C-CINA Basel) as part of a Nano-Argovia project of the Swiss Nanoscience Institute (SNI). It was published in 2018 and awarded Top 5 "Breakthrough of the Year 2018" by the leading science magazine SCIENCE. In 2020 among other public recognitions on Swiss and EU level, ELDICO took 2nd place in the prestigious Pioneer Prize awarded by Technopark Zurich and the Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB). ELDICO’s clients are industrial and academic researchers in large and fast growing industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, the electromobility, and the advanced materials / MOF sector. The company partners with leading engineering companies and component suppliers among Dectris, Excillum and SmarAct to deliver superior performance. www.eldico-scientific.com