Quality breakthrough: R1<10% on Triphenylbenzene

Triphenylbenzene experiments on ELDICO ED-1 brought our continuous R&D to a significant milestone: R values as low as 9% were achieved with a standard kinematical refinement from a single run.

Triphenylbenzene (C24H18) is a compound of interest found at the intersection of chemistry and physics applications. A versatile photoluminescent chemo-sensor with environmental and biological importance, it can assist with its polymeric forms to efficiently reduce low-concentration CO2 .

During one of the numerous experiments on ELDICO’s ED-1 and as part of our continuous fine-tuning of the device, we were happy to attain low R values, which signal that complementary quality to X-ray diffraction experiments is possible in nano-sized compounds while skipping the crystal growth stage.

Experimental setting

Data processing and refinement within established Apex (® Bruker) software package.  Standard kinematical refinement without taking dynamic scattering into account. Data of one single phi-scan were used.

Crystal Parameters:

Chemical formula


Crystal system

Orthorhombic P

Space group


a, b, c (Å)

7.60(4), 19.68(11), 11.25(6)

Volume (Å3)






Refinement Details:

R1 (%)


wR2 (%)




Rint (%)


Resolution (Å)


Completeness (%)


Independent reflections


Δρmin, Δρmax

-0.09, 0.09


‘For me this particular experiment was thrilling as I was able to see comparable data to the industry standard attained with X-rays - now on electrons. Not to forget that this is a significant step forward for a technique that can measure very, very small crystals without the hassle of growing large enough crystals’, said Gunther Steinfeld, experienced crystallographer and ELDICO’s founder.

Check experimental data on solved structures here

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