Partner spotlight: detecting the future with DECTRIS

ELDICO Scientific AG, manufacturer of novel electron diffractometers and DECTRIS AG, based in Baden, Switzerland, the world's leading manufacturer of hybrid-pixel X-ray and electron detectors for science and industry, have signed an OEM agreement. ELDICO will be equipping its novel electron diffractometer with the new DECTRIS QUADRO detector.

The DECTRIS QUADRO detector is designed to deliver outstanding performance for materials science. It provides users with a great deal of flexibility in planning their experiment, as it is an extremely sensitive electron-counting detector but is able to withstand the direct diffraction beam due to its radiation hardness (no need for a beam stopper for 200 kV electrons). Its speed, optimal pixel size, and extended energy range make it the ideal detector for our dedicated electron diffractometer and a guarantee for the most accurate data.

“Detectors from DECTRIS are among the world's best for materials science applications. They are ideally suited for electron diffraction applications. With their superior performance, they are able to meet the stringent requirements of the novelelectron diffractometers that ELDICO manufactures for academic research as well as for pharmaceutical, agrochemical, specialty chemical and nanotechnology applications,“ said Dr. Eric Hovestreydt, CEO of ELDICO Scientific.

DECTRIS develops and manufactures the most accurate X-ray and electron cameras that allow for faster and higher-quality data acquisition. With its hybrid-pixel technology, DECTRIS is the global market leader for synchrotrons, and its efficient detector systems help scientists achieve outstanding results in their own laboratories as well. Recently, the company has begun applying its technology to develop dedicated electron detectors.

“Electron diffraction applications will become increasingly useful for structural chemistry and structure-based drug design. It is likely to fill the gap between traditional X-ray crystallography and powder X-ray diffraction and make structure determination faster and easier. We are happy to have ELDICO as a new collaborator and are convinced that our detectors will effectively contribute to ELDICO’s success“, commented Dr. Sacha De Carlo, Sales Manager EM at DECTRIS.

The combined efforts of the twoo companies will materialize in the first electron diffractometer on the market. The collaboration will add value to single-crystal electron crystallography in structural chemistry and pharma, as an innovative high-throughput and cost-effective strategy alternative for standard powder diffraction techniques using X-rays.

Electron diffraction will change the way material investigations on the nano-level are being done. There has been heightened interest in this technique in the last few years  and the achievement of providing a dedicated instrument for ED is indeed a breakthrough. ELDICO’s game-changing analytical tool combines the best components from world-leading manufacturers – all for novel nano-instrumentation that will revolutionize the state of research.

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ELDICO Scientific, The Electron Diffraction Company, is a Swiss hardware company founded 2019 and is located in Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), one of the world's leading research centers for natural and engineering sciences. ELDICO develops, produces and sells electron diffractometers for the analysis of solid compounds enabling industrial and scientific researchers to characterise hitherto unmeasurable nano-crystalline systems. So far conventional methods (X-ray) fail, because they require bigger crystal sizes, which are often difficult or even impossible to produce. With support of the Nano Argovia Programme and the Swiss Nanosience Insitute (SNI) the proof-of-concept was achieved in 2018 (ETH Zurich, C-CINA Basel) on scientifically and industrially relevant samples.